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Jan 27, 2010 6:00pm EST
the southwestern united states. as it gets closer and we see a lot of consensus, we'll be ab to nail that down and we know the timing will be late on friday around 9:00 and later and that has been trending later and later. 9:00 p.m. the school kids aren't going to get a day off and that will last into saturday and there are certainly plenty of warnings across the country and some winter storm watches. so we know this is going to have a big effect including a blizzard in the middle part of the country and not expected to be a blizzard here and these are winter storm watches and already posted in portions of north carolina and extreme southern virginia. the track is going to be key with the thing and the high pressure to our north is going to ensure that plenty of cold air is in place and we'll be hard-pressed to be above freezing on friday and on saturday. saturday may not get out of the 20s and we watch our storm, which could take more of a northern track that would bring us more snow and seems like the southern track is being favored. we'll get some snow out of it but not going to g
Jan 11, 2010 6:00pm EST
than the united states is contributing to the problem. in fact, in china, consumers were on an automobile shopping spree last year, far surpassing the number of cars manufactured than here in the u.s. which means more gas tanks to fill around the globe. in new york, fox 5 news. >>> good news for college students. scrounging up money for pricy text books. barns and noble launched a rental service. it will be available through campus bookstores. it could cut a students text book cost by as much s 50%. it will be offered at 640 colleges including the university of maryland. >> i can't belie in this day and age they have text books. >> they really shouldn't but we just transferred a lot of money to think daughter's account to pay for books. >> they >> in january there are typically a few days where we get above 50. last year i was looking and we had three days at or above 50 and i think we can squeeze one out this week. that will be good news. a long haul with wind and temperatures well below average. so far this month only one day where we have been close to average and the rest o
Jan 15, 2010 6:00pm EST
to the u.s. -- bringing them to the united states, try them on a military base and a very -- >> for its part, the justice department said no final decision has been made as to whether or not to hold any guantanamo detainee trial in the nation's capitol. that was a policy analysts say, such a trial despite the security concerns, could have benefits. >> the pers is dangerous. you don't try them unless you're sure you will win. >> reporter: michael o'handland said the obama administration which, is announcing the -- suspected 9/11 plotters in new york city, made it clear it wants to use the u.s. court system. >> we're trying to use the court system where we can to avoid the image of unlawful and definite detection. >> reporter: hambali, as he's known, is suspected to be the main link between al qaeda and the group to carry out the bali bombing, appearing in 2007 before a military tribunal and denied any connection with al qaeda. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >>> giving you the news edge on maryland. all officers where a burglary suspect in silver spring. the man led police on a chase aft
Jan 20, 2010 6:00pm EST
believe it. somebody got shot while hunting you may expect but not something like this. >> now, state police brought in a unit to help them id the bodies to notify next of kin. they are not released any of the names. we know there are eight men and women, all known to the suspected shooter. >> a lot of questions out there. do we know anything more about the gunman? >> he is a rather big question mark. the richmond times dispatch reports he was a part-time security guard at a food mart. neighbors say he was an avid hunter. they often heard gunshots on the property. we know he had a few traffic violations. >> roz plater. >>> last month police discovered the body of carl deaner in the middle of north 13th street. investigators will say that he died from trauma to the upper body. police hope a reward will heat up the case. >> his family has come together in a grass roots standing to generate money for this reward. at this point it's over $25,000 and growing. >> if you know anything about the death of carl deaner, call police. >>> another massive jolt in haiti. a 6.1 after shock sent peopl
Jan 7, 2010 6:00pm EST
spoke to, in all more than a dozen like state and off of the counterterrorism units of the u.s. air force in the military and different arms of the u.s. military. many homeland security officials are telling us the problem here is not airport screening. the problem is intelligence gathering. the u.s. needed to do a better job of the information it has on hand. >> sounds like he told a lot of people to do better today. tom fitzgerald at ray gag national. the -- reagan national. the suspect umar farouk abdul mutallab is due in a courtroom tomorrow. it's being revealed that he met personally with a muslim cleric before the attack. a senior official says the two met in the cleric's home province. he was a former spiritual leader at a mask in falls church, virginia. he has been tied to a number of terror attacks from 9-11 to the fort hood shootings. >>> another young man accused of plotting an attack. prosecutors say he planned to take out then presidential candidate barack obama. we are getting a look at items seized from his home, bomb making materials, maps of camp david and obama's m
Jan 13, 2010 6:00pm EST
the people of haiti that you will have a friend and partner in the united states of america today and going forward. may god bless the people of haiti. >> reporter: the united ations now said 14 of the workers were killed in the earthquake and with 150 people unaccounted for, that number will be much higher. today, president obama urged americans even in the difficult times to support humanitarian efforts saying we have to be there in their hour of need. thank you. >>> a local priest is one of the many people missing in haiti tonight. father jasmine works closely with the haitian community in the district arriving in port au prince on monday and there has been no word from him since the quake struck. paul wagner has the story from the shrine. >> reporter: the pastor, the people who work here and the congregation at sacred heart are terribly worried about father jasmine but with the communication network down in haiti, there is little they can do but wait and worry. >> reporter: father jasmine arrived for a short vacation when the quake hit on tuesday afternoon. he originally plann
Jan 28, 2010 6:00pm EST
reports easier said than done. >> the president of the united states! [ applause ] >> reporter: president obamaed the state of the union is clear. >> despite our hardship, the union is strong. >> reporter: the union between democrats and republicans is anything but. >> we're tired of the trip and the shouting and pettines >> reporter: from healthcare to guantanamo bay and the economy, large chunks of the president's speech were dedicated to trying to end the political warfare that tripped up big parts of the white house agenda agenda. we can't wage a perpetual campaign where the only goal is to see who can get the most embarrassing headlines about the other side. and the game changer came last week when democrats lost the 60- vote majority in the senate. the president's renewed call for been comes as he enters's new year and will require input. >> democrats and republicans to work through our differenc. >> reporter: can they come together? house democratic majority leaders steny hoyer said he's tried to bring republicans to the table. >> did not get a positive response as if to say, as ma
Jan 4, 2010 6:00pm EST
international travelers flying into the united states. passengers traveling from 14 countries are affected. yemen, saudi arabia, and 11 others. today at dulles international airport, passengers noticed the change. some were subject to full pat downs. some passengers who weren't traveling through the 14 countries also experienced delays. 30 minutes to 2 hours. >> i had to go through two rounds of security in paris. one was before the gate and one was at the gate itself. >> everything should be organized. nothing is organized yet. >> despite the delays, most passengers were willing to put up with the screening. >> battle to make airports more secure -- manufactures say it's effective. fox5's beth parker shows us a demonstration of equipment that could come soon to reagan national and dulles. >> what you're looking at may be steps toward safety. >> powders, liquids, gels, plastic weapons. and all the standard items. knives and guns and box cutters. >> those are some of the things that this machine can detect. >> takes about eight seconds per passenger, by the time the scan happens to the imag
Jan 21, 2010 6:00pm EST
fast enough. >>> back in the united states, a misunderstanding about a prayer ritual caused a mid- flight scare. a plane made unscheduled landing in philadelphia after a 17-year-old jewish boy started using a tefillin. the teen was questioned and allowed to continue his trip. the tefillin are two small cube shap boxes painted black. they are attached to straps used to tie the boxes to the head and arm and contain bible passages. >>> did you see it, senator john mccain may be opposed to gay marriage but his wife is for it. she is taking a high profile stance against prop 8 posing for this ad. the prop 8 law banning gay marriage is being challenged in court. as for senator mccain's response to the ad, he says he respects his family members views but he believes marriage is defined between a man and a woman. >>> another georgetown storefront is shutting down. commander salamander will be closing down. they sell punk and new wave closing -- clothing. >>> turn our attention to the storm coming our way. >> it will be here soon starting out as rain and a combination of rain and sleet eve
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9